The Situation
We are Confronted With

The top three Energy Sources are ( a ) Petroleum ( b ) Natural gas ( c ) Coal. Each of these are fossil fuels which once consumed cannot be reused. Due to this reason the fear of scarcity is looming large and the  price of these Energy sources are skyrocketing, which in turn is making the production process costlier and squeezing the margins for the manufacturer and making commodities more and more dearer for the consumer. In addition to these, each of them also have a strong adverse affect on the environment , which accounts for the furnace the earth is being converted into.

Earth - Techonova

In order to over come these problems alternative renewable energy systems have been designed and implemented. Most Green Energy systems rely either on solar panel or on wind turbines or on both . Some systems even incorporate a battery which stores excess energy that is generated by either the solar panel or wind turbines for later use.

Our Mission
Our Goal at Techonova is to usher into a technological regime which in addition to providing FUEL LESS POWER helps in reducing the carbon over load on the environment , which in effect leads to : (a) Huge Quantum of Savings for the Manufacture Return on Investment being as high as 200% in the first year and as as high as 2250 % from the second year onwards.

(b) Drastic Reduction in the Green House Gas emmision.

(c)Substantial Saving for the Nation as a whole in terms of drastic reduction in use of Foreign Exchange for purchase of these scares Energy sources.



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